Once upon a time...

...a Chinese Empress, Si Ling Chi, while on her morning stroll through the courtyard, observed a silkworm spinning its cocoon.
The Empress thought it would be a dream to wrap herself in such fine, shimmering threads ....
And so (more or less) began the captive breeding of silkworms 5000 years ago which continues nearly unchanged in China today..

What is silk?

A FINE THREAD – Silk is the fine thread with which the silkworm builds its cocoon. In the silk cocoon it pupates and emerges 20 days later as a moth.
This thread, produced in the unique spinning gland of the silkworm, is the most stable thread on earth. Silk is a fiber made of protein and, as such, is in its composition much like human skin. For this reason, silk is the perfect "second skin".

What makes silk so special?

SILK GLISTENS - Silk is synonymous with sheen. This singular sheen accentuates and illuminates colors.
Yet, sheen is only the most apparent of sensuous characteristics of silk.

SILK CARESSES - Due to its exceptionally smooth fiber structure, silk flows softly and lithely. Silk is the most agreeable fabric to the skin due to its protein composition. Even people with the most sensitive skin have no problems wearing silk.

SILK CLIMATIZES - Silk exhibits optimal ability to insulate, it warms in the cold and cools in the heat. For this reasin, silk can be worn in summer and winter. Silk ist particularly suited for wearing "underneath" since it warms without giving appearance of beeing filled out.
Silkcan absorb moisture amounting to 30% of its own weight without feeling moist It can absorb perspiration and still allow the skin to breath. Silk promotes a healthy feeling.

SILK LASTS - Despite its appearance, silk is relatively robust. Due to its smooth surface, silk does not easily get dirty and does not take on odors. Silk does not wrinkle or tear easily and dries quickly.

SILK FLATTERS - A fairy-tale gleam adheres to silk's history: no princess without a silk gown, no nobleman without silk cape. Chinese poets wrote about the harmoniouseffect of silk clothing 2000 years ago. Silk remains a magical fabric with hidden powers.


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